The Fires of Rebellion

Adventure 1-1: Escape From Hoth

In the week prior to the evacuation of Hoth, the Rebel’s base commander General Carlist Rieekan commissioned Lieutenant Romas Navander to assemble an ad-hoc team of specialists to investigate rogue thermal anomalies in close proximity to the installation. This team consisted of seven Alliance personnel, selected primarily because of they were not attached to any permanent unit at the time.

Major M.F.T. Wulfrak, VII, Alliance Army Reconnaissance
Flight Captain Talon Bail, Alliance Starfighter Command OPFOR
Master Sergeant Angus Sable, Alliance Special Forces Command
Sergeant Indra Finn, Alliance Special Forces Command
PO Tynah Len Daarun, Alliance Navy
Sgt Olov, Alliance Special Forces Command
Sgt Drake Rodrigo, Alliance Army

The squad was required to respond to only one thermal anomaly. The anomaly was discovered to be a thermal spring opened by a pack of wampas, which dug out the spring attempting to lure prey into a trap. The trap was sprung by the squad, resulting in injuries to most squad members, including life-threatening wounds to Captain Bail. The wampas were disposed of with no loss of life.

Following the unit’s recovery, the Imperial Navy located the base on Hoth and began landing assault forces. The squad was reassigned to defense of Southeastern Defense Sector, guarding the more treacherous approaches from the Kerane Valley. Thanks to the squad’s ingenuity, leadership, and marksmanship, the initial Imperial assault into their sector took heavy losses. The squad was largely responsible for holding off the Imperial advance in the southeast – including the destruction of both AT-ST walkers – while the Alliance transports were evacuated.

The squad withdrew along with most of their defense forces onto the transport Nova Dawn. Part of the final evacuation wave, the Nova Dawn escaped the destruction that befell the other three transports evacuating with them.

Unfortunately, the Nova Dawn went missing during the evacuation, and has not



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