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The Fires of Rebellion is a Star Wars d20 Revised campaign that began in the summer of 2011. The focus of this campaign is to familiarize the players of varying RPG experience with the rules of the system, to allow the characters to participate in a blend of cinematic and realistic action, and to have fun pushing personal, vehicle, and starship miniatures around on the tabletop.

The campaign is currently in its second “season” – each season is comprised of 6-8 episodes, designed to allow the campaign to loosely fit into semester schedules.

The campaign is set during the Rebellion era, and as such the only real restrictions on classes and species are intended to maintain the flavor of the campaign (no Ewoks, Gungans, Sith, or giant space dragons).

There are currently seven active players. This is on the high side of ideal party size, but the Star Wars system has proven far easier to manage larger parties.

Updates will likely follow mid week after each session, or “episode”.

Home Page

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