Nova Dawn

Nova Dawn was a Gallofree medium transport, and one of the last transports to successfully escape Hoth.

The Captain at the time was Lt. Commander Salek dan Zilar (Human male), and the first officer was Lt. Miko Zerga (Human Female). The transport left Hoth carrying an assortment of rescued Rebel Army personnel and equipment, as well as the individuals that would later comprise one of the Alliance’s elite commando teams.

The Nova Dawn did not escape unscathed, as an Imperial concussion missile lodged in the engine housing, and forced an emergency landing for repairs on Mataou. Once those repairs were made, the Nova Dawn plotted a course for the rendezvous beacon located inside the Senex-Juvex Sector.

While traveling towards the Senex-Juvex Sector, Nova Dawn intercepted a distress call from the Action VI transport Blue Pulsar. The hapless bulk transport had been attacked by the Imperial Carrack-class cruiser Warrior, and was floating almost dead in space. The strike team secured the Blue Pulsar, helped repair the ship, and used its starfighter cargo to fend off and destroy the Warrior.

The Nova Dawn was suddenly the flagship of an ad hoc transport fleet. Arriving in the Senex-Juvex sector, the strike team located the beacon in the Bator Bai system – only to discover the Imperials had found the beacon and placed an ambush. Once the strike team neutralized the Imperial listening post on Kamur and conducted the rescue mission from the Swiftsure, the Nova Dawn and its escorts were able to move towards the next closest beacon in the Kuras Drift.

The strike team left Nova Dawn outside the system while the second rescue mission was conducted. When the signal was received, the Nova Dawn, Blue Pulsar, and escorting fighters jumped into the Kuras system to be confronted with the Imperial Escort Carrier Revenant captured by the rebels.

The Rebel ships jumped into hyperspace after locating the beacon, but not before the Revenant jumped through an ion storm. The ships all safely arrived at the Rendezvous Point.

Once it rendezvoused with the main Rebel fleet, the Nova Dawn was reassigned to a support flotilla with Atrivis Sector Command. Commander dan Zilar retains command of the vessel.

Nova Dawn

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